tax free

Don Quijote offers tax-free purchasing at any time, without any added fees. From brand-name bags to your child’s favorite snacks, most items can be purchase tax-free, with the exception of a few items. There are a few items that you need to be aware of when applying for tax exemption, so please refer to this page if you have any questions. 



前陣子和大家分享過關於最新的免稅電子化流程,這回要針對常常被問到的「我的簽證能免稅嗎?」以及「消耗品跟一般物品包裝方式為何不一樣」等等進行詳細的解釋。只要掌握本文內容,相信未來各位在唐吉訶德的免稅購物時也會更加愉快、順暢唷! 來複習...