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Japan has a wide variety of interesting cultures, and you can see the representation of these cultures in all kinds of products. And today, I’d like to introduce you to some of the interesting and culture-filled Japanese products available at Don Quijote, and I hope you’ll check out some of the unique Japanese goods that you`re interested in! 


Japanese Yukata and Jinbei 

Speaking of summer in Japan! Yes, a gorgeous yukata and a lively festival set are indispensable. Unlike expensive kimonos, yukata can be purchased in packs that include geta and obi for as little as 5,000 yen. In addition, there are various cute patterns and types for beginners that can be put on by inserting a ribbon. 

In addition, there are also so-called jinbei outfits for boys, which are mainly made of highly absorbent materials such as hemp and cotton, so they can be worn as regular pajamas. In any case, both are sold at Don Quijote, so if you come across one you like, by all means, buy it! 

Cosplay Costumes in Japan 


Next to yukata, Japan, the anime nation, offers a wide variety of costumes for cosplay. For example, there are the cute sailor outfits often seen in girls manga, the playful maid outfits, and even nurse outfits that are perfect for plays and costume parties. Don Quijote has a good selection of quality and perfection, so why not buy one? 

Cute Magnets of Japan 

There are various symbols throughout Japan, such as Tokyo Tower and Sky Tree in Tokyo, Tsutenkaku and Abeno Harukas in Osaka, and many other regional magnets have been designed and are available at Don Quijote to bring back memories of these symbols. 

Not only local symbols, but also cute characters and local gourmet foods are engraved on the magnets in a variety of patterns, and displaying them will surely bring back the wonderful memories of your trip. 


While the above is an introduction to Japanese accessories, Japan’s food culture is also very appealing. The following is an introduction to beverages and food, one by one. 

Japanese Matcha 


Matcha is one of the most famous teas in Japan. It is not only enjoyed as a beverage, but it is also mixed with sweets such as chocolate and daifuku (a soft rice cake stuffed with sweetened bean jam), or kneaded into soba or noodles. Even if you don’t like the bitterness as a tea, why not try and fall in love with the Japanese matcha through a different product? 

Japanese Ramen 

Even if we simply say “ramen” in one word, the variety of flavors is too many to count. The thickness of the noodles, the way the noodles are boiled, and the differences in the broth and toppings makes each a unique taste that is only one in the world, and so Don Quijote stocks many manufacturers’ products, and we are sure to have the best one that suit your taste buds. Please take your time and enjoy the taste of each and every one of them when you come to Japan. 


Today, we have introduced five best items related to Japanese culture. I hope some of them have been of interest to you. Since COVID-19 is still not completely under control, we don’t know when the travels to Japan will resume, but what we can do now is to set up a global online shopping site and sell many products online! Shipping might cost a little bit, but we hope you’ll take an advantage of this and get rid of the year and a half of Japan Nostalgia. 

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