Best Valentine’s Day gift deals you can buy at Donki!

Have you already decided on this year’s Valentine’s Day gift for your beloved partner? A lot of you may be concerned with qualities such as getting something high-spec, photo-worthy, or original… but above all of these, you want what’s the best deal for your money, don’t you?

Donki’s staff has proudly prepared 4 of our best-value products for all of you who fret over giving the perfect present. We urge you to consider the following when choosing the gift that best expresses your feelings for your beloved partner.

Home Appliances

Full HD Projector

Donki’s Ceiling Price: 21,780 yen

As a means to prevent infection, more and more couples have been opting to watch movies at home rather than going to the cinemas. In response to our customers’ clamoring for the same level of impact they experience in movie theaters, we’ve developed a projector that has up to a 160 inch display!

This product can instantly transform a small room into a movie theater. What’s more, if you use its special stand attachment, you can even convert your ceiling into a movie screen! During the cold month of February, lying down together with the person you love and watching a movie or drama on the ceiling would make for a lovely image (lol).


size:21×18×9cm/W8.26inch D7.08inch H3.54inch
rated voltage:AC100V 50/60Hz
Input terminal:HDMI×2 / VGA / AV / USB2.0 / Micro SD

Handheld, Cordless, Rechargeable Massager

Does your loved one spend a lot of time every day on their computer or playing on their phones? This kind of lifestyle can cause considerable strain and problems such as stiff shoulders or neck pain. The Dokodemo Tatackey (Lit. Everywhere Massager) will prove effective in providing relief for your significant other.

In addition to its adjustable massage strength that can be changed accordingly for the sore body part, the Dokodemo Tatackey also has a heating function that warms the affected area, promotes blood flow, increases relaxation, and loosens stiff muscles. In addition to this, its cordlessness makes it quite the popular product. Get a massage whenever you want, wherever you want.


size:41×7.1×7.8cm/W16.14inch D2.79inch H3.54inch
rated voltage:AC100V 50/60Hz
charging time/Rated time:2.5hrs/15mins
*Please refrain from using in places with high humidity such as bathrooms.

*Please use a voltage transformer if necessary.


LIMITED! Comfortable, custom, perfect fit sleeping pillow

Donki’s ceiling price: 3,990 yen

People spend at least a quarter of their time every day sleeping. Poor sleep quality may have negative effects on the body. Donki’s private brand, 「情熱価格」(Jonetsu Kakaku), pairs the pillow with a height adjustable sheet that allows its user to customize the height along with their needs.

We’re very confident in this recommendation due to the large amount of positive feedback from our users, praising the pillow’s excellent fit that helps them sleep soundly every day.  How about giving your valentine this pillow and help them find a good night’s rest.



LIMITED! Gaming mattress GORO-GE

Donki’s Ceiling Price: 14,900 yen

In a world where “stay at home” is becoming more and more ubiquitous, there are many people who spend all their spare time at home playing games and watching dramas. This gaming mattress is the answer to all our customers’ demands, such as wanting to relax and unwind with some video games or wanting to play video games lying down. The gentle curve at the head area gently supports back and stomach when lying supine or when prone, while the dip at the top secures the back of the head or chin to keep the user in a relaxed position.

What’s more, by leaning the mattress on the wall, the curve now becomes a backrest, and the mattress transforms into a chair that can be used in daily life. With its wide range of features, this mattress may be perfect for your video game-loving partner.


size(using): W70.86 D23.62inch H11.81inch
size(folded):W35.43inch D23.62inch H12.59inch

Others: snack and chocolates

Chocolate brands from all over the world

Japanese Valentine’s day is always equated with chocolates. Don Quijote has popular chocolate brands from all over the world. You can buy all types of chocolates from Donki, such as milk chocolate, black chocolates, also chocolates with cookies and nuts too! Donki is absolutely a place for you to search for chocolates!

Essential snacks to pair with alcohol

Enjoying sake with your partner on Valentine’s Day is one of the ways to enjoy your day. I would like to recommend Don Quijote’s snacks that go well with sake. For example, cheese and nuts go well with wine and sparkling, and small almond fish and seaweed chips and other salty foods are perfect for beer!

A snack that we recently released, Shiitake Daigyakushu(Lit. Shiitake Mushroom Reprisal), is so delicious that it has been making quite a few waves on the internet!


We have shown you a selection of products that we recommend for Valentine’s Day gifts and all are available at Japan’s Don Quijote stores. We would be delighted if this gave you an idea on what to get as your gift! Of course, there’s nothing that could replace properly conveying your emotions through words, so be sure to include an “I love you” to make your partner’s heart flutter even more.

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