5 best ski resorts in Japan which Don Quijote staff recommend

The number of visitors to Japan from each country has increased rapidly for search of Japanese powder snow in recent years. There are 500 to 600 ski resorts in Japan so you might be wondering where to go. As a Donki staff and a ski enthusiast, I would like to introduce 5 ski resorts that I recommend.


Located in the Shiga district of Nagano prefecture, it is a very large ski resort that is very popular with foreign tourists.


  • Shiga Kogen Mountain Reasort is a large ski resort that has 18 ski area stretching across in size from a height of 1,340m to 2,307m with 51 lifts, gondolas, and ski areas that are functionally connected by a shuttle bus service. All skiing areas are availble with the shuttle bus or the all-mountain common lift pass (key card) to enjoy.
  • From beginners to advanced, you can find slopes that suit your level!
  • The dry powder snow, which has a high altitude and releases the moisture produced by the geographical features of Shiga Kogen, it is super smooth and light, the finest powder!
  • There is also a daycare center, kids park and hot spring facility, so you can enjoy visiting in any style.



Niseko United, which spreads out at the foot of Mt. Niseko Annupuri (1,308m), has four ski resorts: ANNUPURI, NISEKO VILLAGE, GRAND HIRAFU, and HANAZONO Ski Resort.


  • Since it is the same mountain, it has almost the same snow quality. You can choose the ski resorts according to the difficulty level.
  • Since it is always covered with fresh snow, there will be only a few pain even if you falls.
  • Niseko is surrounded by mountains so you can enjoy the beautiful forest scenery of Hokkaido. If it’ssunny, you might have a peek of the Mt. Yotei.
  • There are plenty of entertainment facilities other than skiing, such as hot springs, luxury hotels, restaurants, etc., You will never get bored even if you are tired.

Yamagata Prefecture ZAO ONSEN SKI RESORT


It is the largest independent ski resort in Japan, located in Yamagata prefecture in the northeastern part of Japan.


  • It is the 10th largest ski resort in Japan and the largest single snowboard / ski resort in Japan. With 12 slopes and a maximum slide distance of 10,000m, you can enjoy an exhilarating slide.
  • You can enjoy the magnificent nature with a view of the Zao mountain range with excellent snow quality.
  • You can also enjoy as sightseeing such as “Zao Onsen“, an old hot spring that heals your tired body.Zao’s Ice“(also known as a “snow monster,”), a natural art in which coniferous trees are covered with snow and ice in the climate peculiar to Zao.

Nagano Prefecture RYUOO SKI PARK


Ryuoo Ski Park, located in the Kitashiga district of Nagano Prefecture, is known for powder snow & beautiful panorama view!!


  • The one of the biggest ropeway, which can accommodate 166 people at a time, take you up to the “SORA Terrace cafe” at an altitude of 1,770m.
  • International snow academy has English and Chinese lessons.
  • Exciting Snow tubing & snow sledding are available at adventure park.

Niigata Prefecture MAIKO SNOW RESORT

Maiko Snow Resort in Niigata Prefecture is one of the ski resorts I often go to. There are many slopes that even beginners can easily start.


  • It is very easy to access from the Tokyo, 2 hours by car and 70 minutes by Shinkansen at the shortest. Free shuttle bus runs from the station to ski resort.
  • Gentle slope of 6,000m that beginners can easily challenge.


Today, I have introduced 5 recommended ski resorts in Japan! Below are a few reminder from Don Quijote staff!

Skiing is a very exhausting sport, put a small candy or chocolate in your pocket will give you an immediate energy charge when you need.It’s also a good idea to have warming items such as body warmers, gloves, and mufflers.

It may be good to bring painkiller and bandages with you if your worried of hurting.

All of the above goods can be purchased at Don Quijote!Hopen everyone enjoy your winter sports in Japan!

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