You can get ramen at Don Quijote!

When it comes to the food culture of the people of Japan, you can’t leave Ramen out. A deep bowl of golden noodles in a glistening oil based broth, all topped with mouth-watering pork and crunchy bean sprouts to finish make every bowl of Ramen a guaranteed crowd pleaser. 

It’s not so easy to travel to Japan in recent times, but with the Don Quijote Online Shopping site, you can easily purchase instant ramen noodles which are popular with everyone all at once! 

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Ichiran Ramen 

Ichiran Ramen(一蘭ラーメン) is immensely popular in Japan, and Don Quijote carries a wide variety of it’s products. You can choose from a single serving pack, or a family size pack which contains up to 5 servings. You can also select between the elasticity of coarse rice noodles, and the boldness of straight noodles! The preparation method is also very simple, just boil the noodles, top them with the store’s special red secret powder, and you’re done! A must purchase product for all Ichiran fans!

Yamadai Sugomen Kyoto Back Fat Soy Sauce Flavor 

ヤマダイ 凄麺 京都 背脂醤油味

Good news for those who seek a richer flavor! A particularly rich back fat has been used in this Ramen in order to create a soup which has a mild feeling in your mouth, and a deep flavor. In addition, in order to prevent the taste from becoming too much, we used the aroma of green onions and the spiciness of chili peppers to counteract the greasy image and achieve a perfect balance of flavors!

Nissin Laoh Soy Sauce 5-Serving Pack 

日清 ラ王 醤油まろ味

When you think of Nissin (日清) , the first thing that comes to mind for most people is probably Cup Noodles. However, that’s not all they have! For example, the Rao series (ラ王) introduced here is also very popular, especially for the Soy Sauce flavor, which is a clear, high-quality Soy Sauce soup infused with chicken flavor and finished with supple, whole-grain noodles, making it the most advanced Soy Sauce Ramen available anywhere. 

Marutai Kumamoto Black Mayu Pork Bone Stick Ramen 

マルタイ 熊本 焦がしニンニク入り黒マー油とんこつラーメン

Ramen in the Kumamoto area is characterized by a thick garlicky pork bone soup, made with garlic and a firm pork extract, as well as a special black marinade made by frying garlic with lard and vegetable oil until it turns black, and then grinding it. These non-fried, non-steamed, straight noodles are the perfect complement to the go along with the robust flavors. An amazing dish where the more you eat, the more the flavors soak in! 

Extra Edition – Yakisoba UFO 

日清焼きそば UFO

The above products are all “traditional” Japanese noodles with soup, but in order to make it easier for those who don’t like soup to enjoy Japanese noodles, I would like to introduce you to the final product, Yakisoba (Fried Noodles) without soup. This type of noodle is made by pouring out all of the hot water, and mixing it with the sauce before serving. This means that you are able to eat it all up and enjoy the unique Japanese food stall atmosphere without feeling hot and bothered, even in the summer! 

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In this article, we have introduced five different kinds of Japanese Ramen products, of which there are still plenty for you to learn about. All of these products can be purchased on the Don Quijote Online Shopping site for almost the same price as they are in-store, as well as being able to purchase them tax-free! If you are suffering from being unable to visit Japan, why not blow away your worries with a nice bowl of Ramen? 

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