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Japan has a wide variety of sweets, from sour pickled plums that bring out your appetite, to sweet chocolates that immediately melts in your mouth, educational sweets that you on your own. Today, I would like to introduce five of the best products available on the Donki Global online shopping site. 

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1. Meiji Kinoko no Yama

At first glance, these sweets look like a mushroom, but the point is that the spreading cap is made of chocolate, giving them a very cute shape. And of course, there is the original black version, but depending on the seasons of the year, there is also a pink strawberry flavor and a green matcha flavor that are always being introduced, so be sure to try it out!

2. Popin’ Cookin’ Donut

There are more ways to enjoy sweets than just eating them! With this educational snack, you can mix the ingredients and decorate it yourself. The package includes flour for the dough, a shaping mold, and even some topping sprinkles, so won’t you enjoy your homemade donuts? 

3. Kororo Grape

One of the unique characteristics of this product is that it has the texture and the chewiness of a real fruit. In order to get as close to the real taste as possible, 100% grape juice is concentrated and used as an ingredient, and uses a unique method to devotedly reproduce the rich flavor so that more you eat it, more likely you get hooked. 

4. kit Kat Big Little Pouch 

I want to carry a Kit Kat with me at all times but one bar of it is too much!” In response to such requests, a new pouch-type product is now available!

When you want to eat it, you can eat one ball at a time, and when you don’t want to eat it, you can close the zipper and carry it with you, which is very convenient. Of course, the crunchiness that everyone loves is still there, so don’t miss out if you want Kit Kat to be your best companion! 

5. Umeboshi sheet 

In Japan, sweet things aren’t always the only sweets! These pickled plum sheets are the magical sweets that are irresistible to eat. Even though they are sour. The secret of its deliciousness lies in the crunchy texture and rich flavor that easily spreads by carefully crushing each dried plum and forming them into a sheet. If you’re a fan of sour flavor, give this a try! 

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In this article, we have introduced five popular snacks that are carefully selected by Donki staff. In addition, a variety of other hot-selling products are available at the Donki Global online shopping site, so if you’re interested, please check out the site!

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