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Get cashback by「Welcome to Japan! Enjoy 10% cashback!!」

Today, We are sharing a special campaign that offers 10% cashback (up to 5,000 yen) to those who make purchases at ...
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Customers Notice Dear Valued Customers,Please check the list below of the stores where this campaign is applica...

BEST VALUE PRICE? Get the tastiest snacks with Don Quijote’s Jonetz

In this article, I wish to present some of Jonetsu Kakaku’s choice snacks that you shouldn’t miss out on when drinking at home! Jonetsu Kakaku is offered exclusively by Don Quijote. Please stop by our stores should you be interested. Some of Jonetsu Kakaku’s products are also being sold at our overseas stores! 
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Popular Tourist Destinations in the Winter Wonderland of Hokkaido

Each of Hokkaido's four seasons has its charms, but its winter is exceptional as it brings a kingdom of pristine white snow to life! There are many things to enjoy here, such as winter sports, hot springs, and festivals! Hokkaido is a popular tourist destination for both Japanese tourists and international visitors. Today we will be recommending some of Hokkaido's best winter destinations! Please consider our suggestions when planning your trip. 
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Enjoy Christmas with Don Quijote!

Hello everyone! We are almost at the end of the year. In Japan, December’s temperature has been a bit unstable, it’s kind of difficult to manage our health. Although COVID-19 has quite settled down in Japan, but the new Omicron variant has been discovered, so it looks like life with COVID-19 will still continue.
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3 best Japanese Autumn/Winter food in Don Quijote to warm up your soul

Autumn just appeared suddenly this year in Japan. I would like to introduce 3kinds of foodthatyoucan enjoy during the c...
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5 must-buy cosmetic and skin care items in 2021, recommended by Donki cosmetic buyer

Skincare products are essential companions for maintaining healthy skin, and cosmetics are also allies of beauty which ...
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【Don Quijote Official】Autumn colors for you to enjoy!

Many of you loce autumn the most in a whole year, right? After the hot summer, the temperature cools down to a comforta...
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How to celebrate Halloween in Japan with Don Quijote

Halloween is one of the most beloved holidays in Japan, especially amongst young people. If you have the chance to ...
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Official|6 Products to Buy at Don Quijote!

Don Quijote, located all over Japan, has over a hundred thousand items to choose from, and here are six of the most...